Taobao goods ship to singapore

日期: 2019-08-22
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China sea shipping to Singapore simple procedure and cheapest cost, we running for one stop service. simple procedure should consist as following steps

The first thing is that the customers have to get a shipping mark from our sales, the shipping mark is only way to distinguish goods to belong to relevant customers. so each customer has an unique shipping mark which have to sticks or write down on each outside packages when goods entrance to our warehouse. and the shippers have to perform this job by write down or stick that marking on packages.   

Goods collection & Local transportation

Customers may buy goods from different vendor from different place in China. there is only one city we can ship LCL goods from China to Singapore that is Guangzhou. so each vendor has to send goods from its place to our warehouse in Guangzhou. if goods at place out of Guangdong province, ask vendor send goods from there to our warehouse by inland transportation, some time smaller goods can be sent by courier. once goods reached to our warehouse, customers can check their goods status in our warehouse through website record.

Packing list

When all goods reach to our warehouse, we will inform our clients. and prepare goods to ship out before we get goods packing list. 

Goods ship to Singapore

Once we get packing list, then we preparing customs declaration at port and get container ship toward to Singapore

Local customs clearance & goods unstuffing & delivery to consignee

when goods reached to Singapore we will inform each consignee to preparing customs and delivery goods.

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